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St.Kitts’ Boss Lady Wendy Isaac Stages Epic Fashion Event in NYC

Saturday April 15th the Watson Hotel became the scene of what is being described as a Legendary BOSS Fashion event . As one Fashion commentator described the night was what legends are made of… it was fantastic as the Boss Lady Wendy Isaac set the NYC Fashion World on FIRE…..

First as you walked in, the place was TRANSFORMED, you thought you walked into a beautiful countryside castle with chalk white arches and a silver white runway. The tables were laced with beautiful white table clothes along with the chairs of the Boss Lady signature colors, Black and Gold. The VIP attendees had their names on their seats and were escorted to their chairs by professional fashion assistants. Standing tall and elegant was the most anticipated guest of the evening THE BOSS LADY FRAGRANCE. Placed atop of a up lit podium, full blaze for all to see, it had arrived.