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Renowned Montserratian Calypsonian; Soca Artist Thrilled By Enthusiasm of Nevis’ Junior Calypsonians

Renowned Montserratian Calypsonian and Soca Artist Justin “Hero” Caslell and facilitator of a Calypso Writing Workshop on Nevis, says he is excited at the opportunity to work with young children because they are the future of calypso.He said, calypso appears to be on the decline, due to threats by other types of music including Soca, a hybrid of the art form. Caslell believes, that the onus is on those with the knowledge and experience to try to teach others, particularly the younger generation.

“This is why that I think my role here is so important, in terms of the future of calypso in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis and indeed the rest of the Caribbean.”I’ve done workshops before in other countries but the level of interest that I have experienced in Nevis is tremendous. I’ve been working for my second day now with a number of kids, about six of them and the enthusiasm shown by them is very inspiring to me,” he said.