Premier Amory appeals for non-reprisal in Morella Webbe’s murder

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis – “I appeal to all those who intend or have an intention of engaging in any reprisal, not to even consider it.”

This impassioned appeal was made on Tuesday (Apr. 18) by Premier Vance Amory to the citizens and residents of Nevis following the shooting-death of 28-year-old Morella Webbe and gunshot injuries to her 34-year-old friend, Sonia Grant.

It was reported that about 3:45 a.m. on Monday (Apr. 17) while Webbe and Grant (following a night out) were seated in a parked car in proximity of their Cotton Ground home in Nevis, they came under a hail of bullets fired by an assailant or assailants.

Both women sustained injuries and were transported to the Alexandra Hospital, where Webbe was pronounced dead and Grant remains warded.

The vehicle, which was reportedly driven by Webbe, bears multiple gunshot strikes and suggests that an automatic firearm was used in the commission of this heinous crime.

Investigations into this incident are ongoing and police on Nevis are seeking the public’s assistance in bringing the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice.