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Pan in Splendor signals a resurgence of steel pan music in SKN

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – DESPITE a reduction in training sessions for the 2017 Pan in Splendor Camp, the organizers were impressed with the level of response they received from the participants.

The camp, which was in its third year, saw the organizers reducing the three-week event to two, owing in large part to the small number of participants that turned up last year.

However, the organizers were in for a surprise as over 120 children and adults were part of this year’s camp.

Music specialist at the Department of Culture, Nigel Williams told SKNVibes that the camp, which wrapped up on Friday last, had encountered several challenges due to the large turnout.

He declared that two of the challenges were the shortage of steel pans and the absence of one of the instructors who was ill for the duration of the camp.

“The turnout was very good and all the children learnt their individual instruments and had fun in the process,” he said.

At the end of the camp, the primary and secondary students were given the opportunity to play their instruments for family members and the public.

For this year’s camp, a stage was erected next to the Old Treasury building on the Bay Road, where a large crowd had gathered to witness the event.